Jeff is one of the original owners of RSSI, and has been the President since 2016. The business was bought in 1979 (by Jeff’s parents Dave Sr and MaryAlice) when Jeff was 14 years old. If Jeff wasn’t in school and participating in wrestling and track and field, he was working the business. Jeff bought his first car when he was 12 years old, and has been going to Hershey Car show since he was born in 1965. Jeff has a vast knowledge or the antique automobile industry, specializing in the products in the catalog. He is especially knowledgeable of the obsolete clips and fasteners.



Has been part of RSSI since 1987 when she started dating Jeff and would attend the many car shows they did. Dawn had a previous career as an Ophthalmic Technician, but joined the family business in 1990.

Dawn has had many roles at RSSI. She started answering the phone and doing invoicing, to working remotely. At the present time Dawn is the jack of all trades. Mostly working on the catalog, internet orders and website design. Dawn’s main job is doing whatever Jeff needs to keep going.

Sarah (with Aaron)

Sarah officially joined the business as of 2019. Sarah is Jeff and Dawn’s Daughter and has helped a RSSI for many, many years! Sarah is now helping with the website and Facebook content.

Aaron is Dawn and Jeff’s grandson and Sarah and Matt’s son. He is two and comes to work about two days a week and enjoys entertaining everyone and admiring all the CARS!!


Started the business in 1979 with her husband David Sr. Dave passed away in April 2016. MaryAlice retired from RSSI in 2014. She continues to help and support whenever she is needed.


Has been with us since 2005. She was hired to take over MaryAlice’s role so she could enjoy retirement. She has become a very close friend to the entire Mihalko family. Kim takes care of all the accounting, customer and vendor services for RSSI and anything else that needs done! If you have a question about the business, other than Jeff and Dawn, Kim is the one to ask!!


Barb has been with us since 2011. Barb has been a long time friend of the Mihalko’s. Barb answers the phones and helps pack orders.


Has been with us since 2016. Kathy has been a long time friend to the Mihalko’s. Kathy helps answer phones and is our shipping manager and handles the wholesale accounts.


Has been with us since 2009. He is Married to Jeff and Dawn’s daughter, Sarah. Matt helps answer phone calls and heads up the manufacturing of parts at RSSI. Matt knows very much about the business and is the go to person for questions about weather-strip and channels.


The official corporate dog and greeter. Greta comes to work every day and ups the morale on busy days at RSSI.