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BZ617-WS-1 (25 Feet)
BZ617-WS-1 (25 Feet)

BZ617-WS-1 (25 Feet)

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Your Price: $50.00
Part Number: BZ617-WS-1
Description: Push on Trim Seals; Push on trim seals offer a fast, easy way to weatherstirp and trim vehicle doors and windows. They install by simply pushing them over raw edges. ST series parts are closed cell sponge seal with attached leather grain vinyl trim with a steel core. Push on metal flanges that measure .060" to .155" Thick. RS sections are all rubber extrusions.  The bulb seals the opening.  The rubber base is wire cored for strong grip. BZ sections are rubber with a steel core. Door Weatherstrip; 25 Feet

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